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Analytical Bulletin PREQVECA MONTHLY

Bulletin PREQVECA MONTHLY devoted to the Private equity industry and Venture financing in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The bulletin is published at the beginning of each calendar month.

The Russian version bulletin began publication in 2009 and has a relatively large audience among market participants in Russia and other CIS countries. In March 2010, we decided to offer market participants an English version of our bulletin.

Having subscribed to the bulletin, you will be informed of all developments in the youngest and most promising of the financial industries in Russia and CIS.

In particular, in the bulletin agency publishes statistics on the industry of PE&VC. The industry data can be divided into two parts: "General Statistics" and "Current Statistics".
The first part contains aggregate data on monthly and quarterly basis. Besides, all data is given in the context of development stages (portfolio companies), industries, countries, rounds of financing and types of deals. The second part presents detailed data on the previous month: launches of funds, enters and exits of funds.

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  • "All quiet on the Western front." The number of Western PE&VC funds operating in Russia and CIS is falling
  • With internal reserves. International capital markets closed for Russia
  • "To the exit". PE segment Is increasing the number of exits
  • Closed-end funds vs investment partnerships. RDIF offered a version of Western PE for Russia
  • Education is in favour. Educational services are among Tops 3 sectors by number of deals
  • "The prosecutors will have their say." Permitted cases and non-return volumes of VC and PE investments in the capital
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  • TOP NEWS: BVCP postpones launch of the sixth fund with a focus on Russia
  • "The third series is gearing up." Altair Capital plan to raise their third fund of $200 mln
  • "American family." American retailer co-owns retail chain Familia
  • "Investment in the basket." Uzbek network raised investments from EBRD
  • The Great Bay fund. RDIF and Guangdong Utrust plan another Russian-Chinese fund
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  • TOP NEWS: "AliExpress is on the right track." RDIF, Alibaba Group, MegaFon and Group closed the deal
  • "High relations." Da Vinci Capital and Samruk plan a joint $100 mln high-tech fund
  • "Full exit." Horizon Capital sold stake in Purcari Wineries
  • "Going East." Russia and Turkey create an investment fund of EUR 900 mln
  • Arabic presence in the Gallery. Mubadala buys half of the Gallery shopping mall in St. Petersburg
  • "The prosecutors will have their say." Permitted cases and non-return volumes of VC and PE investments in the capital